Walter Cruttenden

Walter Cruttenden

Researcher of ancient cultures, author. Director of the Binary Research Institute . 

Walter will provide an overview of the cycle of the ages, look at some of the recent astronomical discoveries that point to a new understanding of our solar system that is more in line with ancient thinking. The talk will include new slides and findings from the Binary Research Institute.

Robert Schoch

Dr. Robert Schoch

Professor, geologist, author and scientist.

Dr. Robert Schoch of Boston University speaking on Göbekli Tepe, the oldest intact temple complex known to man. The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future, points to the astronomical cause of the demise of antediluvian civilizations

Boris Fritz

Boris Fritz

Engineer, Historian & Educator

Boris Fritz is an adjunct Professor of Engineering at Loyola Marymount University since 2001, and leading expert in nano-technology. He has also been a consultant to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and a speaker for many years at USC's Department of Astronautics. His research papers have been published and presented worldwide.

Jason Martel

Jason Martell

Ancient Technology Expert

Jason Martell recently garnered worldwide attention by recreating a working model of one of science's most prolific mysteries – the "Baghdad Battery." Residing in the National Museum of Iraq, the discovery of this 2,000 year old device suggests the modern day battery was not invented in 1800 by Count Alassandro Volt, but was invented almost two centuries earlier. Mr. Martell's recreation was instrumental in proving the Baghdad Battery was capable of generating current.

David W. Mathisen

David W. Mathisen

Star myth investigator and author.

David Mathisen is the author of The Undying Stars and of the recent multi-volume series Star Myths of the World and how to interpret them. He writes about the evidence that the world's myths, scriptures, and sacred stories are based on a common system of celestial metaphor -- and the evidence that the same system can be found operating in virtually every story and episode in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. This field of study is sometimes referred to as "astro-theology," although that term has also been used by different people to refer to something different.

John K. Lundwall

John K. Lundwall

Chief Editor of Cosmos and Logos: Journal of Myth, Religion, and Folklore.

John Knight Lundwall received his undergraduate degree in English Literature from BYU and his Masters and Doctorate in comparative myth and religious studies from Pacifica Graduate School in Santa Barbara and has been a contributing editor and author for several academic publications. His most recent publication is Mythos and Cosmos: Mind and Meaning in the Oral Age, in which Lundwall revisions the study of ancient myth and culture through the structures of oral thinking and cosmology. He is also an amateur astronomer and lectures and teaches people, young and old, about the stars and constellations.

Gary Evans

Gary Evans

Ancient Sites Investigator-Explorer.

Gary Evans has been investigating earth mysteries for more than twenty years. From studying sound acoustics inside the Great Pyramid to exploring Moray, an ancient site high up in the Andes mountains of Peru, his work has taken him to some of the world's most fascinating and mysterious places.

David W. Mathisen

Scott Onstott

Author and filmmaker

Scott Onstott wrote, narrated and produced the Secrets in Plain Sight film series and is the author of seven related books examining patterns in art, architecture, urban design and the cosmos. One of Scott's passions is illustrating the many layers of encoding found in the Great Pyramid, a world wonder that still has much to teach us about the comprehensive and extraordinary wisdom of the ancients.

John Anthony West

John Anthony West

Writer, scholar, Pythagorean, and rebel Egyptologist

John Anthony West is a writer, scholar, Pythagorean, and rebel Egyptologist, having traveled to this region more than 100 times. He is the author of The Traveler's Key to Ancient Egypt, and consulting editor for the Traveler's Key series. His previous book, Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt is an exhaustive study of the revolutionary Egyptological work of the French mathematician and Orientalist, the late R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz.

Carmen Boulter

Carmen Boulter

Director Producer and Writer

Dr Carmen Boulter is Director, Producer, and Writer of The Pyramid Code, an epic 5-episode documentary series that has aired on national TV in 38 countries and is on Netflix in 7 countries. Carmen is a retired Professor from the Graduate Division of Educational Research at the University of Calgary.

Alan Green

Alan Green

Pianist, composer, author, educator and Shakespeare scholar.

Alan says his extensive musical training in both classical and jazz disciplines has ideally prepared him for his life's primary obsession... recognizing the deeply embedded mathematical patterns which connect the world's greatest author, (Shakespeare), to the world's Greatest Pyramid (yes, that one). Curious? It will all make perfect sense when Green unveils, for the first time ever, ground-breaking evidence that has the potential to shift two paradigms... with one stone.

Satyaki (Kraig) Brockschmidt

Satyaki (Kraig) Brockschmidt

Author, Microsoft engineer, public speaker, meditation and yoga instructor.

Satyaki (Kraig) Brockschmidt is an author (Mystic Microsoft, Finding focus, etc.), Microsoft engineer, public speaker, meditation and yoga instructor, and Chairman of the Ananda College of Living Wisdom. Between his two tenures at Microsoft he spent twelve years volunteering, traveling, and serving in over one hundred distinct roles and professions, including forestry, cooking, construction, ministry, mechanics, singing, and appearing in the movie Finding Happiness, and on National Public Radio. He’ll be speaking on Participating in the Cycles of the Ages, Today.

Craig Marshall

Craig Marshall

Craig Marshall began as a child actor in Hollywood, performing in television shows and commercials. He graduated from USC Film School, and then his life took a left turn. He became a yoga monk with Self-Realization Fellowship, where he lived in a monastery for 35 years. As respected swami, Craig traveled the world, lecturing to large audiences on the subjects of mindfulness and meditation. He became a mentor to many well-known people and wrote several books and media programs on how to live a meaningful life. Today, Craig is a sought after public speaker, personal consultant and co-author of the book, The Next You.

regina meredith

Regina Meredith

Religions and spiritualists throughout history have attempted to explain the dual nature of humankind: We humans behave as members of the animal kingdom, committing acts of violence, fear, and competition. Yet we are also capable of reaching the heights of compassion, beauty, and enlightenment. "Merging With Flesh: Our Mysterious Human Origins" compassionately and deeply explains this dual nature by taking us into our little known beginnings as a new species within the universe. We will explore a far distant past in which an emerging Earth and its life forms, became the object of interest of another highly creative and intelligent non-physical species. Ms. Meredith will describe how this species and Earth's life forms became entangled to spawn incomprehensible challenges, dynamic contrasts, and profound opportunities for growth. This awareness of our origins will allow us to more effectively choose and develop other remarkable, future-oriented human powers.

Back up Speakers

Boris Fritz

John Dering

Physicist, Scientist and Researcher

John Dering is a physicist and the senior scientist for research in Lasers and Special Projects at Scientific Applications and Research Associates (SARA, Inc.). where he specializes in technology for the generation and application of intense electromagnetic and acoustic fields and wave energy.

Ancient cultures around the world believed that consciousness and history move in a vast cycle of time with alternating Dark and Golden Ages - Plato called it the Great Year. Today we know it as one "precession of the equinox," an obscure astronomical motion, and consider the Golden Age to be just a myth. But are we correct? An increasing amount of evidence suggests that long before the Dark Ages mankind had a deep understanding of astronomy, mathematics, holistic healing, and a profound ability to live in tune with nature. Join us as we discover the wisdom of the ancients.

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Slide Background


Stargazing with David Mathisen

Author of The Undying Stars and Star Myths of the World

Did you ever want to view the stars in the desert sky and hear and see their connections to the myths and sacred stories from around the world, described by a longtime Star Myth investigator and author on the subject?

Well, CPAK 2016 is your opportunity, which by careful coordination with the cycles of the heavens will commence on the day of the New Moon, September 30, immediately following the point of the autumnal equinox.

Friday night, September 30th, we will meet in the Westin Lobby and carpool about fifteen minutes to the Coachella Valley Preserve where we will have a magnificent view of the desert sky and the dazzling stars (weather permitting, which it almost always does in this location at this time of year).

David Mathisen will describe the constellations and point them out so that everyone is able to identify Aquarius and Sagittarius and Ophiucus -- perhaps for the first time for some (constellations can at times be challenging until you begin to become more familiar with them). The planets Saturn and Mars and the glorious band of the Milky Way should also be visible. David will also explain the connection of this part of the sky with various Star Myths from around the world, and across the millennia, a subject he will cover in more detail during his presentation during the conference on the following days.

Weather should be comfortably warm, but you may want to bring a jacket or sweater just in case, and although we will be close to the paved road there will be some rocks and dirt in the viewing area, so boots or sneakers may be advisable. We'll try to keep lights to a minimum so that everyone can enjoy the brilliant display in the heavens. Some binoculars and lawn chairs or beach mats will be available, but feel free to bring binos or a camp stool if you wish -- and rumor has it someone might bring the fruit of the vine or a cool brew in honor of Dionysus or Demeter, or a peace pipe to offer.

Our expert star guide will be Dave Mathisen, who explores the evidence which strongly suggests that virtually all of the ancient scriptures, myths and sacred stories of the world share a common celestial foundation, and encode specific features and movements of the very same constellations we can see to this day (and some of those we will see when you're here in California!) He writes about this subject and related areas in his multi-volume series, Star Myths of the World, and how to interpret them, as well as in his blog the Mathisen Corollary and his website Star Myth World dot com.

David believes that the stars and the myths contain profound spiritual wisdom which is immediately applicable to our daily lives, and that the world's sacred myths are a treasure handed down to humanity as a precious inheritance for our benefit. He hopes to share with you some of the ways that knowing the stars and the message of the myths can be a blessing to our lives, and to the world.