Star Myths of the World
and how to interpret them

By David W. Mathisen

It is my belief that the evidence overwhelmingly supports the conclusion that the myths and sacred stories of the world are based upon a common, world-wide system of celestial metaphor -- and that the evidence in the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments supports the same conclusion regarding the sacred stories in the Bible.

I am not the first person in history to reach this conclusion; versions of this argument can be found as early as the writings of Plato, in varying degrees of directness.

However, Star Myths of the Bible seeks to present a very thorough examination of the evidence that this system of metaphor is operating in the Biblical scriptures, as well as a systematic explanation of the principles underlying this celestial "language" in order to enable readers to become fluent in the system so that they can converse with the myths directly and hear for themselves their ancient wisdom and the profound truths that they contain for our benefit and blessing.

It is my hope that as we gain greater understanding of and fluency in the celestial language of humanity's ancient myths, we will gain a new and deeper appreciation and reverence for all of the world's sacred stories, to include those found in the scriptures of the Bible, and that as we do so, the Star Myths which form a precious inheritance for the human race will have a vital and positive impact on our daily lives . .

. and on the world in which we find ourselves.