Three Zodiac Signs May Date to
10,000 BCE

By Walter Cruttenden

Author Walter Cruttenden by Walter Cruttenden

The zodiac, that well known ancient coordinate system of twelve constellations, which astrologers use to construct horoscopes, and modern astronomers and layman use as a guide to find celestial objects in the night sky, may be far older than previously thought. At least that is the partial evidence that is emerging from the ongoing archaeological dig at GobekliTepe, Turkey. This site of megalithic structures comprised of dozens of oval shaped structures has been carbon dated by German archaeologists, led by Klaus Schmidt, to approximately 10,000 years BCE.

Author Walter Cruttenden

The purpose of the site is still unknown but the many T-shaped megalithic pillars appear to have been designed for something more than construction. The individual members of each grouping appear to point off in numerous directions (not what you would expect if they were used to hold a roof) and may have been used to track the positions of stars, constellations or other celestial objects. One bit of evidence is the numerous bas reliefs on the pillars contain pictures of animals representing constellations (over a dozen). And at least three of these are a lion, a scorpion and abull, possibly representing the zodiacal constellation known today as Leo, Scorpio and Taurus.

Author Walter Cruttenden

Most scholars currently put the dating of the Zodiac to about 1000BCE, althoughPapke and Van der Waerden posited a date around 2300 BCE. While these dates are often argued, they pale in comparison to the age of GobekliTepe. The site, still less minimally excavated, seems to suggest the unknown Ancient builders had a knowledge of stars and celestial motions far earlier than heretofore believed.

The amazing findings at GobekliTepe will be discussed by geologist Dr. Robert Schoch, at the 10thConference on Precession on Precession and Ancient Knowledge, to be held at the Westin Resort in Rancho Mirage, California, October 1st and 2nd, 2016.